Wilderness with Bicester Village

It’s no revelation that I just love Bicester Village! I started going on weekends off when I was at boarding school but it really has changed so much since then, and now even better than ever! I was thrilled to attend Wilderness festival again this year with Bicester Village which was such a dream and with such a great group. I went shopping a couple of weeks before with Millie to get our outfits which was such fun. I swear every time I go to Bicester Village it just gets bigger and better than ever. There were so many new stores which was such a great surprise!

Obviously my first port of call where I darted to on arrival was Temperley, which to my absolute delight had this totally dreamy pale pink sequin playsuit which I wore on the first day of Wilderness. We had a delicious dinner that evening at the Petersham Nurseries tent which was divine and the best start to a super fun weekend ahead!

I also always go into Missoni, even just to buy a new turban (you have to ask for them as sometimes they are not out but they always have them!!). This time I couldn’t resist and totally fell for this maxi dress that I wore with a little slip underneath with biker boots for day 2 of Wilderness. I have worn this dress since over a bikini and it’s the best buy because it’s so versatile and it was also heavily reduced so really did feel like a dream buy! We spent the day strolling around and exploring, and eating copious amounts of delicious food at another amazing banquet.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to spend the Sunday having some serious chill time at Soho Farmhouse after a very adventurous weekend! It was time to whip out (I wasn’t brave enough to wear white to the actual festival!!) this embroidered white summer dress also from Temperley.

What I haven’t quite admitted is that of course I couldn’t resist and bought more than just the few outfits I wore to Wilderness on my last trip to Bicester Village (oops). But I just couldn’t help myself.  Bicester Village is bigger and better than ever and I already need to plan my next trip!