The Unbelievable New Collection from Folli Follie

Large Necklace: Folli Follie

Small Necklace with Crystal Stones: Folli Follie

Watch: Folli Follie

Ring: Folli Follie

Handbag: Folli Follie

Folli Follie has never failed to amaze me with their divine jewellery and accessories. The new Santorini Flower collection hasn’t failed to leave me lusting after absolutely everything. The delicate designs and use of rose gold have got me whipped and I can’t get enough of it!


I have chosen to style those two incredibly stunning necklaces. The large Santorini Flower necklace and the more delicate small Santorini Flower necklace with crystal stones. I love layering necklaces and these two perfectly complement each other. Of course both are beautiful on their own but they definitely transform this outfit when worn together. The four hearts motif which is translated as a mulit-petal flower if feminine and chic and can be worn with anything!


Of course my outfit would not be finalised without a watch and rings. The mother of pearl face of this watch is beyond incredible and the classic black totally smartens up this day-time look. I am a rose gold girl at heart and this ring is a must-have from the collection. I have chosen to add this bright blue statement handbag to the outfit to keep it fun and add a much-needed pop of colour to my ensemble.