My Pet Story – Noodle

For as long as I can remember as a child, my twin sister Lily and I always begged our parents for a dog. When I say begged I mean we didn’t let it go! Life changed for the better when we were 15 and got Noodle. I remember going to choose her and feeling totally overwhelmed that finally our dreams and wishes had come true. She was divine and we never looked back!

I say this totally honestly and people may think I am mad (but I am sure most dog lovers won’t), but Noodle is my life. She is THE most loving, gentle, funny, cute, adorable little miniature dachshund around and I am just obsessed with her!

Noodle does EVERYTHING with us as a family. She comes on holiday to the south of France every year for 3 weeks using her pet passport. She LOVES the sun, being away and just wants to be with us, so we just couldn’t leave her at home!

She has featured in my first ever jewellery campaign film, she has been asked to do photo shoots with me, and generally upstages me at every given moment!

What was key from the very beginning is that we got insurance for Noodle. Dachshunds, due to their long bodies, can easily get back problems, and we wanted to ensure that we did everything we could to make sure we were looking after her. Petplan Pet Insurance was the one we chose, and the best way we could make sure that we had everything covered, in case anything (god forbid) did ever happen to our darling Noodle. She is now 13 (almost 14!) and has been luckily very healthy. About a year ago we found out she has Cushing’s disease, but now treated she is as young at heart as ever and constantly giving us more love than we could ever imagine!


This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own!