My Beauty Routine with Fleur de Santé

This year I turned 26 and my New Year’s resolution has been to make a conscious effort to not cut corners with my beauty routine. I take huge pride in protecting my skin from the sun, drinking water to stay hydrated and eating healthily, but it’s also what we put on our skin that counts! I recently introduced you to F​leur de Santé​ (you can see the full introduction to the brand H​ERE)​ my new go­to skincare brand that is natural and smells divine.

There’s nothing better than getting out of the shower in the morning, ready for the day ahead and applying products that smell and feel incredible on my skin. The Total Global Anti­Aging Skin Perfecting Day Cream​ h​as an SPF 15 which is ideal for day to day moisturising. I always wear SPF, it’s super important even when you think it’s cloudy and cold in London! If I feel like my skin needs an extra boost, then the Creme Global is an amazing rejuvenating anti­aging

serum for both day and night. It smoothes the skin and can be worn under make up which is perfect for that extra help on days when my skin in feeling the stress.

The Creme Global Nuit is my absolute hero product. The night cream deeply regenerates my skin overnight, leaving it feel superbly nourished. I find my skin is more often dry and can visibly show the results of a hectic schedule. For instant hydration, when my skin is particularly bad, then the Serum D’Hydration is my go­-to. The refreshing and cooling aqua­serum illuminates and smoothes my skin instantly. What’s not to love!

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