Italy – Amalfi and Puglia

Italy is truly the most stunning country and it was such a dream to be able to go to two beautiful hotels this month. I went last year for a friend’s wedding, but have never properly explored as much as I have always wanted to, until now!

My first destination, and one that has forever been on my dream list, was Amalfi. We stayed at the breathtaking Monastero Santa Rosa, originally a 17th century monastery, set in the cliff of the Amalfi coast. I was literally blown away by the views from the hotel, if possible, even more incredible than I had imagined. The infinity pool looks over the coastline and the food was exceptional. The hotel has the most incredible feel in such a relaxed setting. There are only 20 rooms and suites, and even a fully equipped spa.

There is so much to do in the area, to explore and culture to take in. We hiked one morning through the Amalfi trails, and of course soaked up the incredible sights in the surrounding area. There’s no chicer destination than the Amalfi coast, and Monastero Santa Rosa is the perfect hotel to discover it from!

After 2 nights in Amalfi, we embarked on a 6 hour car journey to Puglia. I could not have been more thrilled to be able to discover another hugely stunning part of Italy. Both Amalfi and Puglia are full of charm, and beautiful in their own ways. Puglia is much less touristy, and more rustic in the most fabulous way.

We stayed at Castello di Ugento, a renovated family run castle, which dates back to the 12th century and was built by the Normans. The hotel features stunning frescoes and every corner is full of history. Our rooms were chic, fresh and so comfortable. The food was beyond incredible at the hotel, and they even have their own culinary school, where we had a lesson and got to make the most delicious fresh pasta, and my favourite vongole!

There is so much to do in the area. We went to beautiful Lecce one evening and the coast is only 20 minutes away. The possibilities are endless and this area of Italy really has so much charm. It feels so unspoilt and elegant. I really can’t recommend Castello di Ugento enough. The family who run the hotel made sure we had the most wonderful time and I could not be more grateful for such an incredible stay!


*Both hotels were press stays.