Getting to Know Louise Roe and Her New Book Front Roe

Louise Roe has always been a huge style icon of mine. I also totally admire her work and her imprint on the fashion industry. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Louise about her new book Front Roe.

Louise Roe

1. When do you think you really discovered your own personal style? I think it’s constantly evolving in a way. At school, we all wore super baggy, low-slung trousers to look like All Saints, and we thought we had style nailed.  When i moved to LA, i started wearing way more print and bright colour, because the weather let’s you here. And now I’m investing in more black, which i never used to wear! I feel most comfortable in leather skinny trousers, a simple top or tee shirt and some amazing high heels.

2. How would you describe your style? Laid back on my days off, quite ’70s-inspired. I love women like Ali McGraw and Lauren Hutton. They made something as simple as denim shorts and a white shirt the epitome of chic in that era. When I’m filming, color pops much better on camera, so I’m more polished and fitted for work.

3. What advice would you give to someone learning to dress their body type? Take a minute to look in the mirror naked. You’d be amazed at how few women ever do this: it’s important to know when you go in and out, where exactly your waist sits, where you might need support. Then invest in the right underwear, this can totally alter your silhouette under a fabulous dress, so don’t underestimate it’s power! I wrote a whole chapter on how to dress for your specific body shape in Front Roe, because it’s the key step to finding your own style.

4. How do you decide what to wear to events? I might see something at fashion week or in magazine,  and I’ll snap a piccie on my phone. I have a whole folder on my phone of outfits I love and want to wear, so that when a big event comes up, I have lots of ideas.

5. What are the hero pieces in your wardrobe? Senso black sandals with giant rose gold buckles. A navy Reiss blazer. Ysl white sneakers (I don’t normally splurge but I couldn’t resist these recently and can’t take them off!), Frame denim skinny jeans. Anine Bing black t shirt and black lace bra. Rotten Roach tee designed by friend Marissa. And an LBD in neoprene, by Veronica Beard.

6. What’s your fail-safe outfit for a night out? If it’s not the leather leggings combo I mentioned above, then ripped jeans, a cream tuxedo jacket and pointy heels, at the moment I’m obsessed with an iridescent pair by Alejandro Ingelmo.

7. What’s one item you can’t live without? A big cosy, cable-knit cardigan for when it gets chilly at night, or on the plane. I love Winser London.

8. How do you update a day-time outfit to a night-time outfit? Definitely switch the shoes to something higher, and more delicate. And earrings make a big difference. Chunky studs or giant pearls are eye-catching, especially if you throw your hair up into a really high, messy bun. I usually add more eyeliner too, and smudge it with my finger.

9. What’s your beauty secret (your skin is flawless!)? Thank you! I’m quite strict about always scrubbing off my makeup every night, and I’ve recently started using a face oil, from Kate Somerville, which is very nourishing. I use a peel twice a week (Philosophy) and a mask once or twice a week (Eve Lom) usually when I’m in a steaming hot bath, which helps open and clean the pores. But since living in LA,  (where everyone has a juicer!) I’ve experimented with different smoothie recipes, and come up with one that literally makes your skin glow within 4 days. I put the recipe in my book, it’s so yummy!

10. What does the future hold for you? I’d love to keep doing what I love to do- host makeover shows and red carpets, and hopefully write another book! And beyond that, I’d like to move back to England eventually. LA is awesome,  but there’s no place like home.

Front Roe: How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life by Louise Roe. Published by Running Press, April 2015 – £16.99, available HERE.