ebay #MyLittleBigVictory

For as long as I can remember, the thrill of buying and selling on eBay has always excited me. When I moved out of home a few years ago, I majorly re-fuelled my addiction to eBay when I had to have a clear out of all of my clothes and shoes. I was moving out of my parents house, and wanted a fresh start. I knew that my space in my flat would be more limited, and I also wanted to sell some items that I knew there was no need to keep hold of.

I’ve always found it hard to have a wardrobe clear out as I always used to find a reason to keep hold of items. I was always able to justify an occasion to wear something in the future. However, I soon realised that this was unrealistic and decided that my best bet was at least to make some money back from these items that I had bought in the past!

Obviously having sold so many items on eBay in the past it is also only natural to search for new items and there’s nothing better than finding a bargain! Having something specific in mind is essential or I feel that there are so many products my mind gets a little lost. Last week I wanted some new boots to wear in this colder weather as sadly I think our summer is very much over. I searched for boots and then refined my search by size. (This is essential as there is nothing worse than falling in love with an item that’s not in your size!) Immediately I saw these Topshop boots and knew they had to be mine. It’s safe to say they are #MyLittleBigVictory.

Why don’t you join me on my #MyLittleBigVictory challenge and show me your amazing eBay finds! Let me know what you are selling too! You can find more boots similar to mine HERE.